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So where did Buck & Sadie’s begin you ask . . .Well, long ago in Toledo, Ohio a woman named Selma and her son were hard at work in the kitchen. As a boy, Selma’s son loved to cook and did so with much success.

As the years passed and his passion grew, he started a chain of restaurants in Southern California to share his skills. Although a king cannot be without a king maker, that’s what Sadie was to Buck, keeping balance and bringing a sweet and loving touch to the restaurant at every turn.

Once again the Phillips began to share their passion for food. Buck & Sadie’s son (Mike Jr.) created a successful chain of restaurants in the heart of Southern California. So what’s next you may ask . . . The legacy of the Phillips’ restaurants continues with Buck and Sadie’s youngest daughter and that brings us here!

So cheers to you, Buck and Sadie, for the inspiration to take on this venture of our own and continue to practice the values laid down so long ago of GREAT service in a family environment and last but not least, AMAZING FOOD.

Buck & Sadie’s was created around a family table with all the restaurateurs present; a true family collaboration!

Enjoy, and welcome to Buck & Sadie’s